Back in the 1890's there was a group of outlaws that roamed the west from Montana to Mexico. They were called the Wild Bunch. You've all heard the stories about how Butch Cassidy was the leader of this band of misfits and how they made their way along the outlaw trail, robbing trains and banks and then retreat to their hideouts without getting caught by the law. The tales of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch have been told through the years through books and movies and sort of leads you to believe they lived a pretty glamorous life. Yes they did make off with a lot of money and gold and such, but their life on the run was far from the glamour of the Hollywood versions. They lived off the land and learned to respect it.

There's a new Wild Bunch in town. No it's not the shoot'em up outlaws of yesteryear, but a group of people who have come together to share a common interest. Four Wheeling. Some may call it Jeeping, or Off-Roading, but whatever you call it, we call it fun!

The Wild Bunch 4WD Club was formed in November of 2007. What started out as a few friends getting together and going "wheeling" has turned into an organized club of more than 20 members who share the love of the outdoors and all that our great country has to offer. From easy scenic trial rides to hard rock crawling, our club is out to have fun, and promote responsible use of our public lands for future generations to come.

Why a club you ask? Well for starters, with a club you can have a stronger voice in matters that concern our hobby. Like trail and land closures. But most of all, sometimes it's more fun to share a wheeling trip with friends and reflect back on the memories you made along the way. Plus it's always smart to have at least one or two other vehicles along in case of breakdowns or other unforeseen troubles. And, especially if you're new to the area or to 4-wheeling, it's a great way to learn the trails and how to get the most out of your off-road vehicle. No matter what 4 wheel drive vehicle you have, there's somebody in the club willing to give you pointers and help out in any way.

If you like the outdoors and want to meet new friends, come join us!

the wild bunch 4x4 club